Set global price

feeMe Provide Include personal details about your life. Your bio can include some information outside of your personal work history. Some people list Previous employees, education, personal interests, fun facts, or pets in their bios to show their personality in feeMe Profile Page.

1. Go to the Set Global Price Screen

    • After successful sign in / sign up you will navigate to feeMe landing screen as shown on Fig: 1.1 listed below.
    • On this landing screen you may tap on the user avatar on the top right corner of the screen as shown on Fig: 1.2 listed below.
Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2
    • After tapping on the user avatar, a dropdown popup will appear now click on setting option as shown on Fig: 1.3 listed below.
    • After tapping on the setting option you will navigate to the setting screen as shown on Fig: 1.4 listed below.
Fig 1.3 Fig 1.4

1.1 How to Set my Global Price?

Note:Users can set the price of their skills and knowledge. He just needs to tap on the tab of his name and his expertise will be displayed to him, where he can set the price of different modes of answering the queries. Here are some steps for setting my global price.

    • After tapping the Expertise option a new screen will appear. Now click on the dollar icon from my expertise prices tile as shown on Fig: 2.1 listed below.
    • After tapping on dollar icon tile will expand, now click on All topics option as shown on the Fig: 2.2 listed below
Fig 2.1 Fig 2.2
    • A confirmation popup will appear click on ok operation perform successfully as shown on the Fig: 2.3 listed below
    • Now click on set price option like per text or per answer icon as shown on Fig: 2.4 listed below.
Fig 2.3 Fig 2.4
    • After that set price popup appears, set your price and click on update button as shown in Fig: 2.5 or 2.6 listed below.
Fig 2.5 Fig 2.6