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1. How to update your full address ?

Note: full address means sufficient information to identify the exact location of the relevant user premises, KnowEx provides updated full address such as a municipal address or property identification number, & includes a postal code

You can follow the some steps for update contact full address On the Basic Info screen you may add or update your full address, steps are listed below to add your full address.

    • On this basic Info screen tap on the Add Address button on the right side of the Full address section, as shown on Fig: 3.1 listed below.
    • After clicking on Add Address button you will navigate to the Add Address screen as shown on Fig: 3.2 listed below.
Fig 3.1 Fig 3.2
    • On this Add Address screen you may add your County, State and Address and after that tap on the Ok button on the bottom right corner as shown on Fig: 3.3 listed below
    • After tapping on Ok button your address will update to the KnowEx server and you will navigate to the Basic Info screen where your updated address will display as shown on Fig: 3.4 listed below.
Fig 3.3 Fig 3.4